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Festival "Beraginya" is the effective form of saving and revival of non-material heritage of Belarus and an attraction of children and youth to national cultural traditions. For UNESCO protection of a non-material cultural heritage is one of priority directions of activity of the Organization.


"Traditional culture and children"

Scientifically-practical conference "Traditional culture and children: ethno education problems" - one of the most important parts of the republican educational, cultural program "Traditional culture and children" which within almost twelve years in practice of school, out-of-school and club art creativity workers of laboratory of traditional art of the Belarus state institute of problems of culture, art workers and formations in areas. In the innovation base the national idea, on the one hand, and on the another hand is a spiritual eminence of the person lies: the child, the teenager, the young man which join through various practical and intellectual forms to numerous displays of a non-material and material historical and cultural heritage of the Native land, That awakes in them not only patrimonial memory, but also forms national consciousness and advantage of the person of the founder of the future of Belarus. As effective mechanisms of realisation of the program multilevel projects of folklore festival movement act "Beraginya". As friends of an innovation, the project "Scientifically-practical conference" Traditional culture and children: problems ethno education”, system, purposeful character also is realised within the limits of festival. Its feature that together with notable scientists and experts in a branch of culture, formation, country art. In conference take part children who study history and an art heritage of the party. And such children becomes more and more.

М. А. Козенка