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Festival "Beraginya" is the effective form of saving and revival of non-material heritage of Belarus and an attraction of children and youth to national cultural traditions. For UNESCO protection of a non-material cultural heritage is one of priority directions of activity of the Organization

Sincerely we welcome

“Beraginya” 2010

The land of Oktabrsky always was famous for distinctive art culture, singing and dancing traditions, national musicians and masters, keepers of ancient national creativity, and also the traditional calendar and family holidays, ceremonies and customs.

On the hospitable land of Oktabrsky one of the most considerable and favourite celebration, almost 10 years, is beautiful festival of folklore art “Beraginya”. Each time festival unites the creative people interested in preservation of the culture.

“Beraginya” gives to everyone the chance to touch to eternal beauty of belarusian song, dance, to perceive the depth of vital philosophy, ethics and morals. Here children and youth learn to protect and multiply national traditions. It is necessary to notice that the festival which at first was business of one not the big area became republican and, probably, becomes to the present international art forums, thanks to UNESCO support. This year youth folklore collectives take part in festival from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Poland.

Distinction of festival “Beraginya” from many other festivals which are spent in Belarus, consists first of all in the scientifically-proved concept, precisely developed conditions and to a table of contents what in the best way correspond to the name “Beraginya”, displaying deep sense and a primordial essence of a folk art which always was, and probably, will remain not only the strong base, but also the filled maintenance of all belarusian culture. We wish festival becomes the present holiday for all its participants, fans of a folk art and scientists, will be brought many by joyful meetings.

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Гормаш Кристины Павловны